Healing Color Therapy and Powerful Gemstones! Use Gems to bring Health and Happiness

Published: 11th April 2010
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Healing Color Therapy and Powerful Gemstones! Use Gems to bring Health and Happiness

There would be several times in your life wherein you will be attuned and drawn towards a certain color/colors. These colors may be the feature of your apparel or your dwelling, your vehicle etc. Generally these colors make way into our life to balance one aspect of life or another. Our system consists of energy centers called as Chakras and when a certain color is used more often it just means that our system needs more of that color to bring about balance, harmony and homeostasis in our life.

Even though arts like Astrology and Numerology give general indications about appropriate colors for us I feel that one should trust the instinct more than anything else with all colors except Black. Your system will be naturally drawn to Black especially when Saturn periods are operating and it is one color that does not help during this period. Whichever color you mix in black will become black. Black stands for passive and cold energy. I have noticed and statistically found that most people running through the 7 and ½ year Saturn cycle are drawn towards black.

More information about Saturn cycle can be found at the following link:


Yes, I understand that Black is the most fashionable color and the most loved color in the modern world. But really it's not a good choice in Saturn periods. It causes more depression, anxiety and a feeling of being lost. Color therapy has been used by healers, mystics through the ages. We find certain colors find predominance in festivals and major events of our lives such as weddings, funerals, religious rituals etc.

Implementation of color therapy can increase focus, concentration and balance several negative aspects.

Gems work by color therapy and hence are very effective. Here you will find a brief description of what each color represents and associated gemstones. You can use these basic principles to achieve balance, stillness, peace and harmony.

1.Color -- White
Color Qualities and Healing Properties:

I call White as the King of the colors. White represents the totality of life. It is the color that contains all other colors and reflects back the color that is sent towards it. White is the color for truth, honesty, peace and stillness. White gives us a lesson that it is a pleasure to give and give with a full heart
Gems associated with this color:
White Sapphire, Diamond, White tourmaline.

2. Color -- Blue
Color Qualities and Healing Properties:
Blue is the color of serenity and passivity. It is the color that fine tunes the intuition and sharpens the 6th sense. It also represents divine inspiration. It also represents feminity and the power to nurture and communicate
Gems associated with this color
Blue Sapphire, Blue topaz, Lapis Lazuli

3. Color -- Violet
Color Qualities and Healing Properties:
Brilliance, intelligence, breaking away from negative pattern behaviour. Violet also represents the power of forgiveness and gives conviction of thought. It represents higher knowledge and divine wisdom
Gems associated with this color:
Amethyst- Great for breaking the habit of alcoholism. Also good for drug abuse. Tanzanite. Iolite

4. Color -- Green
Color Qualities and Healing Properties
Represents serenity, love, intelligence, communication skills. Excellent for curing depression and anxiety. Excellence in academics is also represented by this color
Gems associated with this color:
Emerald, Peridot, Green Tourmaline

5. Color -- Yellow
Color Qualities and Healing Properties:
The color of good luck, fortune, freedom, relaxation, freedom from anxiety. This color activates the energy centers and fosters optimism and hope
Gems associated with this color:
Yellow Sapphire, Heliodor, Golden Topaz, Citrine

6. Color -- Orange
Color Qualities and Healing Properties:
This is the color of initiative, hope, planning and looking positively at the future. Enhances creativity and helps cure introvertedness and certain kind of complexes. Gives excellent results in individuals suffering from eating disorders. Balances the rate of metabolism and stimulates appetite
Gems associated with this color:
Spessartite, Orange Mandarin Garnet, Orange Sapphire

7. Color -- Red
Color Qualities and Healing Properties:
Passion, initiative, courage and enthusiasm. This is also the color of energy and passion
Gems associated with this color:
Ruby, Red Coral, Carnelian

8. Color -- Black
Color Qualities and Healing Properties:
Restraint, complexes, escapism.
Gems associated with this color:
Black Agate, Black onyx, Mexican Black Opal

Color therapy by using gemstones can give excellent results provided the gemstones are natural, unheated and un-enhanced. Always give importance to clarity and lack of treatment to get the best out of color therapy.

Guruji Shrii Arnav-Vedic Guru is also an internationally acclaimed planetary gemologist. An Accredited Jewellery Professional from the Gemological Institute of America at present he is the chief mentor of http://www.astromandir.com and http://www.gemstoneuniverse.com besides being the Dharmadhikari of the Vara Siddhi Vinayaka Temple. He is also the chief Horoscope columnist of Deccan Herald- A leading Indian English daily.

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